Interested in selling your property?

Looking for an Experienced Team that can sell your property fast? Well look no more!!! The Internet has been a great Problem–Solver for Sellers. Sellers can start to consider a sale much earlier, spend more time on research, and gather more information to see how their property might be positioned in the current market.



However, did you know that there is a great deal of suspect and inaccurate information on the web in regard to real estate and particularly property values? Some of it comes from court tax records, which are notoriously inaccurate value statistics. Other value estimates on the web come simply from gathering listing price data. It’s not an accurate value until a buyer and seller agree on a number, so listing numbers are just a guess.

The Reese’s Team is highly experienced in the Real Estate Markets and we want to give you a better valuation estimate through actual sales data. Let’s see what your property is worth and then list your property on the MLS. Complete the online form below and we will:

* Develop a market report of similar properties to yours in your neighborhood that have sold recently

* Send you that report with details and photos of the properties, as well as the prices at which they were listed and finally sold

* Give you our interpretation of the current market for properties like yours, near yours, and in your property’s price range.

* Assign you to someone on our Team and we’ll give you a call with the final numbers then list your property on the MLS.


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