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As an experienced Licensed Realtor, I know it is very important for you to have a flow of funds available when purchasing. While you fix and flip properties, having a Realtor available to list your properties for resale is a plus.



Interested in Fix & Hold?

There are many Real Estate Investors that fix & hold properties as well. PhoneOps Funding has many programs available that suites your needs. If you like to make an additional $500,000 this year, I can definitely help you reach this goal.



Income Producing Properties

We have a list of properties that are already Income Producing and instead of putting 20%-35% down like a standard commercial loan, PhoneOps has a wonderful 100% CLTV program so you can keep most if not all of your down payment money in your pocket and buy more properties this year.


Let me help you succeed, apply for financing to one of the programs below and let's start getting more properties added to your portfolio.