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ATTENTION FLORIDA RESIDENTS! It’s time to stop renting & finally purchase a home that you can call YOUR OWN!!! We know it could be a big step but did you know, paying your 1st months rent, last month’s rent and security deposit to rent a property is more than the down payment in purchasing a property in most cases?

There is a program called the Grant Program through PhoneOps Funding, LLC where you put only 1% down plus closing cost instead of the full 3% and the Grant will pay the remaining 2%; this is big!
So say you seen a house for $400,000, all you have to do is put $4,000 down & pay your closing cost; that’s awesome. Ok, you don’t want to go that high and you seen a manufactured home for $80,000, all you have to do is put $800 down & pay your closing cost; can you beat this deal anywhere else? Isn’t this better & cheaper than paying 1st Month, Last Month & Security?


Now with PhoneOps Grant Program , you are able to afford a home of your choice without paying so much out of pocket expenses. You can finally own a home of your own instead of paying your Landlord’s mortgage. Do you want more information about the Grant Program? Check out this awesome video then complete the form below and we’ll contact you shortly or feel free to contact PhoneOps directly.



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