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Regardless if you are starting as a Wholesaler or a Seasoned Wholesaler, the Reese’s Team and PhoneOps Funding are able to help you get the financing needed to start or expand your “We Buy Properties for Cash” business.


REAL ESTATE INVESTORS (Fix & Flip Properties):

Working with the Reese’s Team and PhoneOps Funding would be a great solution for you as we have the means of helping your business grow while keeping money in your pocket and help turning your flips into profits.


REAL ESTATE INVESTORS: Fix & Hold Properties):

If you are a Landlord or would like to become a Landlord and you have interest in income-producing properties anywhere in the USA, the Reese’s Team and PhoneOps Funding can take you to the next level.



Allow the Reese’s Team sell your property for you quickly as PhoneOps Funding has a stream of already pre-approved buyers just looking for a property like yours!